Splash Page Ideas

Students worked on the iphone template to create their ideas for the splash page. Good copies are being submitted.
Before we vote we'd like some feedback.
(cynthia)-Hello CLASS62! Looks like you are moving along nicely and have made some really interesting splash pages.

(cynthia)-This is a really nice design. I like the abstract quality of the water bubbles and reeds. Nicely done umbrellas too. The lettering in the sign is good too.

(cynthia)-DESIGN ABOVE: This is a good simple design. The type is a bit too similar to the brown background and is a little difficult to read. Nice clouds.

(CYNTHIA)-DESIGN BELOW: Good use of space. Like your choice of blue on the waterfall. I think the sign is difficult to read here too. The colors are too similar.
(cynthia)-I like the strong use of colors and all the green. Nice design, I like the way you you broke up the space. I don't see a welcome to DUNDAS sign anywhere?

(cynthia)-This has great color & texture! I also like the pattern of the rocks and bright yellow sun too.The lettering on the sign is a little difficult to read.

(cynthia)-This has great color too! Like the patterns in the rocks. It looks like you were inspired by each other! ;  ) Same here, the sign is a little difficult to read.

(cynthia)- This is one of my favorites! I love the colors and the storytelling that happens when you add birds and flowers. I would make the waterfall in the background a bit darker to differentiate it from the sky color. Nice bright yello sun.

(cynthia)-This has such personality! I also like the building and great use of color. Green lettering is good too.

(cynthia)- I like the storytelling here too, especially the moose! The word DUNDAS is a little difficult to read. It would be stronger if color was intensified.

(cynthia)- This is another favorite! I love the color and type on the top. Looks like you were inspired by by another student too. Nice job.

(cynthia)- I like the storytelling here too with the people enjoying the falls. And the design of the page with the waterfall coming off the right side is really good! The lettering is a little difficult to read here. Like the color orange/yellow of the sun.

(cynthia)-Overall awesome job by CLASS62! You guys are really talented. Anyone plan on being an artist, digital storyteller or APP developer? Thanks for letting me share my comments. ;  )  I'm enjoying watching it all come together.  Feel free to ask me any questions here or on my blog: http://cynthiajabar.blogspot.com/ OR facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/girlpoweredbycynthiajabar/130043913696777?ref=sgm .Have a great summer!