Final Decisions

*** Paragraphs that start with a "***" are responses from Ian. Normally, I'd highlight them but I'm traveling and Google Sites isn't very compatible for editing pages with my iPad so we’ll just do it this way for now.

1.  This will be the order of the locations. 

*** That order looks fine. No problems.

2. For the mystery game we would like to make it easy for the users to send their pictures to us. Would the blog link in each site be better or our email address or .... do you have a suggestion?

*** I suggest you create a gmail address that is moderated by the teacher? That way you can approve the submissions before the students see them for cyberwellness/cybersafety reasons. 

3. We'd like a spot for credits and thank you's under the Welcome button or in the "i" section. What are your ideas on that?

*** I think it should be under the (i) button. We’ll create another page that shows the credits and a 3 to 4 paragraph explanation of how the app was created by class 62 (& now 72 as well? Or is it just Class 62). After that we'd have the list of names.

The project management team of Emily, Carlie and Ashley with pictures. Class picture and names. Adult collaborators, Ian, Esa, Cynthia, Mrs. Siwak Jeremy Brooks Matt Scheben who helped with the picture editing. Hannah  anyone else?

*** I’d like to include a link to and a brief one paragraph explanation of how we're intending on providing this as a resource to classes all over world, and that more information can be found on the website.

4. We'll need a way to send the recording of the ghost stories for Dundas District the haunted school. The boys are rerecording on Tuesday, in order to make a few improvements.

*** If it's a big file (say over 10 megabytes), use to email it to me. If it's smaller than 10MB, just use the attachment feature of the wiki and attach it at the bottom of this page. :D

5. 2 locations till need the mystery object added 

*** Ok. Please use the Wordpress CMS.

6. Is there a spot in the content management system to upload the app icon?

*** You can use the Media Library button in the left hand side of the CMS to upload the icon.

7. We have a splash page as well. Where do we upload that?

*** Same thing.

8. We still have to scan Taylor's page.

*** Yes please. If possible, scan as a JPEG file at letter or A4 size at 300 dpi, and save with a very high quality jpeg setting. Then upload to the Wordpress Media Library.