Curriculum Ideas

Ideally, this experiment is extended as an project-based learning curriculum and app that can be used in a range of age levels - from Grade 3 upwards. The opportunity to create content and to learn through the experience can be more or less complex, depending on the needs of the class. For example, the graphic design element might be less involved if the project has less time, or the literacy component could take on greater detail or exploration as narratives instead of explanatory text - a class might reimagine the app telling a story set within a town, with multiple locations building up a cohesive narrative, told from different points of view. The app might take on a more science based direction, and talk about the ecology of a place etc.

We welcome your ideas and discussion about various aspects that might be covered within a rich curriculum, with appropriate content for various developmental age groups and skillsets. Thank you.


Multimedia processing: Formating of pictures, scaling of pictures, cropping of pictures, file sizes, image quality, compression of images
Programming: Linear algebra, Cartesian coordinates, Number theory, Sequences


Ecology: Location of plants, animals, environmental data
Geology: Rock types, categorizing landforms, erosion

Next year marks the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. It would be very interesting to see students explore the impact and history of this war on their communities around the world.
First, I think there will be some math in the actual programming itself, at least in terms of logical structures, and possibly some number theory. In terms of science, the locations on the map could include things like animal & plant locations, tide information, geology, etc... or possibly a way to send data into a central database? Perhaps the app allows students to participate in the collection of various environmental data, and then export and process the data?