Credits/About the App

This has been an incredible adventure for everyone involved and has changed the way we view school and learning forever. We'd like to thank all those who provided tools, gave advice, allowed us time in the computer lab, helped with technical questions and gave encouragement as we worked our way through new territory in learning. We'd also like to let you know who we are!  We think these pictures show just how much we laughed during this project.
The Amazing Class 62 and Heidi Siwak, teacher, who had no idea what she was getting us into.
Project Managers: the super-dedicated Carlie Besser, Ashley Traegar and the exceptional Emily Drummond
 who drove this project home!  The class owes you a big thank you for the hours you put in!
Here it is:  Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Icon: Hunter Hancock             Main Page:Taylor Bernard            Splash Page: Ryan McNeil
These were tough decisions for the entire class. Congratulations on having your work selected.
Wiki Manager and Chief Tweeter: Sydney Turpin
whose cheerful enthusiasm kept us going.

Ghost Stories: Brodie Boyajian, Austin Gowland, Kris Dodd
who didn't give up on the ghost stories recording.

The Dream Team????: Ryan McNeil, Avery Cocchio, Sean Clark, Justin Chambers, Ryan Garrity
who weren't afraid to challenge ideas and who made us laugh, often.

 Bianca Kovacs our next steps person. She always thought of the next step before anybody else did.
Hunter Hancock drove the page design to a new level.
Willow Silva, Meghan Baird, Hope Faso, Nikki Patterson -great contributors to our discussions during planning.

Kyle Tanner and Justin Elliot who were always willing to get the job done.

Rebecca Doucette, Danielle Scarlet, Taylor Bernard, Nicole DeJong
 Enthusiasm plus, and super contributors during planning discussions

Alec Smith who was always so positive about the project, you shall remain an International Man of Mystery!
So many people helped out. We'd like to thank in particular:
Jeremy Brooks for lending us his Iphone and for the encouragement, support and listening to me go on and on about this project!
Hannah Brooks: for helping us learn how to use Photoshop and for the final editing of our content
Matt Scheben: for helping us learn how to use Photoshop and for technical explanations
Ryan McNeil: for letting us use his Ipad when needed
The entire staff at Dundas Central who were so encouraging and who put up with the chaos we created at times!
Our global PLN who followed this project and cheered us on.
RSCON3 for inviting us to share our project with the world.
Jamie Bennett - he knows why
Twitter: it all started with a tweet
Adam Carpino for technical assistance
And most of all: Ian Chia,  Esa Heltulla, and Cynthia Jabar what can we say? You were amazing! Thanks.