Gill-Villeans at Ryerson PS, Canada

We have been blogging about this process.  You can read what we've done so far!


1. What is the best format to use to send our research information? Should we type it in a word document, google doc, use the "content management system" site, or is there a different preferred method to receive this information?

Kim - not sure what you mean by "research information"? Do you mean information for each location like the information on this page? If that's what you're after, that's easy. I'll just set up an account for you on the CMS. Can you please clarify? Thank you, Ian

Yes, thank you! That would be great!

2. We are also wondering if we have to stick to the 4 categories in the wordpress form (attractions, accommodations, winery, food)? In our discussions, the students felt it was more appropriate to have these categories (accommodations, food, attractions - the same - but add "special events" and "parks"). We don't have wineries in our area but many people come here because of our parks and special events.

Hi Kim,
We typed our information into MS word first and then cut and pasted into the contenct management system once everything was proofread and double checked, which was very easy.

3. In the wordpress form, there are certain fields that MUST be filled in in order to save our draft posts. Some of our locations (such as parks) don't have an email address (which is a required field). Can we simply write N/A (not applicable) in this field to save?
We plan on renaming the buttons.